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Christian Fellowship

There is an old saying that states that the family that prays together, stays together. Well, changing that truism a little to read that the Church Family that “plays” together, stays together is one way to describe an attitude so prevalent throughout all of the programming events and activities of Bethel UMC.

Good Christian fellowship is a vital ingredient necessary to sustain the health and continued growth of any church congregation.Bethel Church certainly attempts to provide as many opportunities as possible to get people together in social settings through all of its programming endeavors. 

At Bethel, we love to eat, have fun, and get better acquainted with one another through individual group and church-wide events. The bonds formed through social events have often helped many feel more connected to the church and as a result, they have been more willing to participate in the other vital areas of interest of the church, including projects providing service to others and have been more apt to attend those programs, studies, and worship opportunities where spiritual growth takes place.

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